LFM and LFG: The Difference

You play World of Warcraft, right? Of course you do.  Everyone does.  So let’s say you’re standing around in Dalaran on your Death Knight and get the urge to run through a Heroic.  Getting some badges sounds good, and you have some time to waste.  Unfortunately, your friends list is either entirely empty or everyone [...]

Elsewhere Posts

For those fine folks who just can't get enough of the awesomeness that is Professor Beej, below are two articles that I posted elsewhere this week.  Enjoy! The always hospitible Matt Low gave me the chance to guest post at his blog World of Matticus again this week about my predeliction toward playing a healer/support character in MMOs.  (You can read my [...]

MMO Guilds – Are They Friends or Coworkers?

I was reading in a fairly old back issue of Games for Windows last night,and it brought up the idea that close-knit guilds in online games were a thing of the past. Their point was that with item-based progression and 25/40-person raid content, gamers no longer flock together because of like-mindedness or establishing a community; [...]

Leveling through PvP Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft Patch 3.2

One of the main reasons I bought Warhammer Online last year was the prospect of PvP leveling. There were scenarios (read: battlegrounds) that one could queue up for from anywhere in the world to supplement PvE questing, and the best part was that each player killed or healed within the scenario as well as completing [...]

The Future of the Healer in MMORPGs

Somehow, I fell into MMO healing when I was first leveling my Druid on World of Warcraft back in ’04. I was going through Uldaman, and the group needed a healer, so I said I could do it. After a successful run, the group told me that I was a fantastic healer, and they had [...]