Beej’s Trick to Making Easy, Fast Gold in World of Warcraft

I am not a “get rich quick” kind of guy.  Never have been.  But I stumbled upon a single aspect of World of Warcraft that I’ve been utilizing to keep my characters gemmed, enchanted, and epically flying for almost two years now. I disenchant Avenging Blades sold in Halaa (the PvP city in Nagrand) and [...]

In Defense of God Mode

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft lately mainly because I have not had the mental capacity (due to reading for and prepping literature courses) to do a lot more than level my Paladin, who has recently hit Outland. The whole experience of looking at the game from a new perspective has helped bolster my enjoyment. [...]

Do You Care About Your MMO’s Lore?

No matter what MMO you play, there’s a backstory.  If you’re in Fallen Earth, there’s a reason it’s post apocalyptic and a story that the game tells you—generally through quests—to let you know how it got that way.  EverQuest has its own mythology, as does Ultima Online—though, God knows what they’ve done with it now [...]

Loving and Hating World of Warcraft’s Random Dungeon Finder

When it was introduced, World of Warcraft's Random Dungeon Finder might have been the greatest feature that Blizzard introduced to the game. Even on high-population servers, finding a group for an Instance could be an hours-long chore that ended with hurt feelings and antisocial tendencies, but the dungeon finder removes much of the hassle.  And [...]