6 Tips for Winning World of Warcraft PvP Battlegrounds as Alliance

Since November 2004, I’ve been Alliance.  What that means in regard to PvP is that I have to be better than 90% of my team if I have any hope of winning.  Because of that, I realized that the following six tips really sum up what makes me better than the rest of my team.  [...]

Saturday Zen: GearScore, The Sequel

In case you missed the hubbub and fantastic conversation with my previous (and aptly titled) GearScore post, here’s your opportunity to get in on the conversation. There have also been a lot of responses written in the blogosphere to it, and all of them make pretty valid points.  I hope you enjoy reading the conversation [...]

OMG GEARSCORE SUX!1!11!!!!, or Why I Might Quit World of Warcraft

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I hate GearScore.  I hate it.  Hate it.  HATE it.  It sucks.  It’s an arbitrary number that an addon assigns to my character in order to determine my worth as a player.  Not to mention that it’s a broken system that is too easy to exploit. And [...]

Book Review: “World of Warcraft – Arthas – Rise of the Lich King” by Christie Golden

I have always enjoyed franchise fiction.  Whether it’s Star Wars, Dragonlance, Magic: The Gathering, or something else entirely, I like having a veritable library of books at my disposal when I want to completely engross myself in a shared intellectual property.  Before now, however, I had avoided the Warcraft franchise novels because  my first experience [...]

Do I have WoW ADD or Am I an Altoholic?

As I ease myself back into blogging after my literature-teaching-enduced hiatus, I figure I’ll start with something relatively easy to write about to get me back in the swing of things: World of Warcraft. Well, my Paladin is level 80 now.  I spent some time in instances and got him a 4600 gearscore, which—while not [...]