Do Your Part to Save Dollhouse

After fighting an uphill battle all of its first season, Dollhouse was given the go-ahead for numero dos, even though it was still given the Friday Night Death Slot. And now, because Fox has no idea how to market anything that isn’t a medical drama or animated fart joke, there are rumors that Dollhouse is [...]

Joss Whedon Inadvertently Became my Academic Specialty

I never really knew what my academic specialty would be. I originally thought about being a medievalist, but talking a single class on Chaucer where our entire text was in Middle English turned me off of that idea. I then had no idea really where my specialization would come from. Half of my indecision came [...]

Dollhouse – Evolution of Joss Whedon’s Tried and True?

Dollhouse came back this week for its second season, much to the pleasure of Whedonites, Browncoats, and sleeper Actives everywhere. For those of you out of the know, Dollhouse is Joss Whedon’s (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) newest television creation. After a dismally rated first season, Dollhouse was shockingly renewed. It turns out that [...]

Joss Whedon (finally) wins an Emmy!

And the award for the most ridiculously named category I’ve ever heard of goes to: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog! The real name of the award is “Best Short-format Live-Action Special Class.” See? Ridiculous. And if I didn’t already know what Dr. Horrible was, I’d have no idea what in creation it was describing, either. For [...]

What is it about Firefly?

Two nights ago, my fiancée and I were struggling to find something to watch. Nothing really fit our moods, and we’re big TV people. She suggested Battlestar Galactica, but it was too heavy and serious. X-Files was the same way. Veronica Mars was off the docket because we aren’t ready to delve into another series [...]