Simple Way to Drink Enough Water

Simple Way to Drink Enough Water

Drink more water by putting something (like ubber bands) on your water bottle, and you can magically see how much water you’ve drunk during the day. It’s awesome, and it’s simple.

What Do You Call a Runner Who Can’t Run?

It hadn’t really clicked how much I identified myself with the term runner. Not athlete, not lifter, not superhappyfuntime weight-loss awesomeman…just runner. And now I can’t run.

Blogging 101: Part 2, Six Types of Blogs

Today, I want to discuss a few of the different types of blogs out there. While “blogging” is pretty general in terms of meaning–getting your content published regularly–the method by which you publish that content should be distinct, as it will have the most direct connection to what type of audience you have.