True Blood Season 2 – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

I just finished the finale of the second season of HBO’s True Blood, and I am just as enthralled with the series as I was when I picked up the DVD set of the first season a month or so ago. The writing and production values are still consistently high, and the cliffhanger episode endings [...]

To Be Continued…and Continued…and Continued…(or Not)

Two of best shows currently airing on TV are ABC’s LOST and HBO’s True Blood. While these two series are incredibly different in scope and subject, they are similar in one major way: they tell their stories through serialization rather than episodic content. If viewers were to watch LOST starting halfway through Season 3, they [...]

True Blood – Wait, Who’s Doing Those Bad Things Again?

Immediately after I finished True Blood’s first season, I had a new post pop up in Google Reader. Nikki Stafford wrote an article titled I wanna do bad things to you (a reference to the series’ theme song) chronicling her love for the series. Her insights, as usual, are spot on, but something still struck [...]

Blood, Sex, and Vampires: Review of HBO’s True Blood Season One

Of all the fantasy monsters out there, to me, vampires are the most mundane. They’re just kind of boring. Okay, so not “kind of” boring. Really boring. With an extra dose of boring on top of that. I don’t know if it’s the idea of the monster itself or the fact that our culture has [...]