Dot Dot Dot?

I ran into a slight snag in class Friday. I’ve been afraid of this kind of snafu since I started teaching, and it has only now surfaced. When I was in graduate school, I had a professor who loved him some MLA format. He loved it. He knew it backward and forward and inside and [...]

Naming the Ivory Tower

Last year at faculty conferences, the idea of student respect was brought up by an established professor. He urged us, his colleagues, to stop allowing students to use our first names because it established a precedent of disrespect that superseded our authority as instructors. He said that the use of titles—Dr. So-and-So, Professor LastNameHere, Mr./Ms. [...]

Celebrity Professors

I woke up to an email earlier this week, and it held this link to a list of celebrity professors. It really got me thinking about why it is that we do what we do, and what it really means to be “known.” I highly doubt that I will ever be included on such a [...]

Does College Stifle Academic Creativity?

I love school. I always have. College and grad school, however, seemed to stifle my creativity in regard to writing. To steal a term from Stephen King’s Duma Key, I think that this month has been an “unbottling” phase for me. I have been writing every time I get the urge and sometimes when I [...]