The Worst Books in Existence

A while back, I had a post chronicling the three best books I’ve ever read.  So now, inspired by a fantastic post at World’s Strongest Librarian, I bring you the exact opposite of my earlier post: A collection of books that, for one reason or another, I completely despise. These are made up of books [...]

Ron Howard to Direct “The Dark Tower” Movie Trilogy? Bleh.

When I heard that J.J. Abrams was going to be in charge of The Dark Tower film series, I was ecstatic.  LOST is my favorite, Fringe is amazing, the new Star Trek franchise finally brought it out of the basement dweller zone, and Cloverfield was fun enough. Then he backed out saying that he wouldn’t [...]

Review: Stephen King’s Under the Dome

“Huh.” When I finished Under the Dome, that’s all I could say.  I just closed the novel and contemplated the ending.  I couldn’t say anything else but “huh.” And for me, that’s high praise. Ashamed as I am to say it, Under the Dome is the first novel I’ve finished since June.  I’ve listened to [...]

Stephen King Odds and Ends

I started as a fan of The Dark Tower series late.  I was a senior in college and all seven books had already been released.  I never had to wait the decades-long wait many fans did, but when the series ended, I still felt the same pangs of bittersweet emptiness any good novel should impart. [...]

Stephen King’s Under the Dome: Expectations

Tomorrow, November 10th, Stephen King's newest novel Under the Dome is being released.  If you haven't realized it yet, I'm a huge fan of King's, and I hold his newer novels (anything since Cell) in very high regard.  Even with the somewhat lackluster Just After Sunset, I think King's most recent books rival his classics [...]