Seven Days of Steampunk

On May 1, 2012, Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel by Austin King and B.J. Keeton is going live on

“Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel” Cover Reveal

Austin King and I are hard at work on Nimbus, our steampunk serial novel. The current plan is to (hopefully) have the first volume released by the end of April. We will be releasing the complete Part 1 on Amazon for $2.99, while posting weekly chapters here at Professor Beej.

Steampunk! Woo!

Just a little update, and a slight teaser, I guess. Pretty soon, I’m going to be trying something new with the blog here. My friend, Austin King, and I are writing a novel together. A steampunk novel. And the best news is that we are going to be releasing said steampunk novel (or, more accurately, [...]