“A Bum’s Tale” – A Tale from Nimbus

“Tales from Nimbus” are meant to offer insights that help explore aspects of the world of Nimbus that the main narrative doesn’t get a chance to touch on.   "A Bum’s Tale" Gully crept across the faux-cobblestone driveway of one of the nicer estates on the skyport. While small when compared to the Spire, Cloud [...]

Why Steampunk?

Why Steampunk? We wanted to redefine what steampunk meant. We wanted to write steampunk that we would walk through the bookstore, pick up, and want to read.

Nimbus Release Giveaway

Between now and May 4th, we’re giving away 5 copies of Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel and a $25 Amazon.com gift card. How awesome is that?

Seven Days of Steampunk

On May 1, 2012, Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel by Austin King and B.J. Keeton is going live on Amazon.com.