[Guest Post]: On the Death of Stargate Universe: a TV Industry in Flux

By now sci-fi fans expect cancellation. They groan inwardly when SyFy cancels another awesome show, and yet they are not surprised. They saw Firefly beheaded; Dollhouse was murdered in its youth; Caprica went the same way; and the funeral procession for SGU has already been prepared.

Winter Hiatuses and Other TV Gripes

Winter hiatuses suck.  I’m not quite sure what made TV execs think that having lengthy breaks between halves of seasons is a good idea, but whoever came up with the concept should be, in the immortal words of Garfield the cat, drug out into the street and shot. I mean, I understand breaking for the [...]

Get thee hence, nerd!

Have you ever started reading a book or watching a TV series and felt an immediate connection with a character only to have the writer(s) destroy the main reason you love the work by taking away that character? A while ago, I posted about intellectual archetypes in SF television, and at the top of my [...]

[TVverdict] Stargate Universe: A Question of Character

After taking a few weeks off because of getting married, I was finally able to get a good post written, edited, and posted over at TVverdict.com. A lot of people have complained that Stargate Universe started off slowly.  Even I complained that, as much as I enjoyed it, I couldn't care about the characters to [...]

Intellectual Archetypes in Science Fiction Television

A staple of most science fiction is the smart guy (or girl!). That one person who, in terms of intellect, is leaps and bounds, head and shoulders above the rest of the ensemble.  He or she is always able to find the way out of any given situation, not by brute force or manual dexterity, [...]