WoWpocalypse 2011: On Devaluing Intellectual Property

Instead of capitalizing on the value of their title that fans are crazy for and that the company has been pouring resources into for goodness knows how long, they are giving it as a way as a promo, a prize, a cereal box trinket for a seven-year-old MMO. That devalues both games, making neither is worth the asking price.

I want to write a Star Wars novel

As I’ve been working my way through my summer reading list, I came to the realization that before I die, I want to write write a Star Wars novel. A real, licensed, fully authorized novel set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

A Quick Jaunt in Star Wars Galaxies

Syp’s first The Game Archaeologist column about Star Wars Galaxies intrigued me.  I played the game from the time it was in Beta 3 all the way until World of Warcraft was released in November 2004.  I loved it.  I quit because of the combination of the New Game Enhancements (NGE) and WoW being so [...]

Saturday Zen: Roundabound

I enjoyed sharing a video I found last Saturday with you guys, so this week, I thought I would share two pieces of pop culturey goodness.  I’m typically not one to watch Internet videos or spend a lot of time on YouTube, but occasional snippets do come along that I just have to share. Whether [...]