The Beej Republic: Buying In?

First off, welcome to the first installment of “The Beej Republic,” an ongoing series where I will cover Star Wars: The Old Republic as it works its way through testing and into our grubby little fanboy hands.  I had originally thought of doing this project as a separate blog, but talking it over with Syp, [...]

The Future of the Healer in MMORPGs

Somehow, I fell into MMO healing when I was first leveling my Druid on World of Warcraft back in ’04. I was going through Uldaman, and the group needed a healer, so I said I could do it. After a successful run, the group told me that I was a fantastic healer, and they had [...]

Why Does Every New MMO Have to be a WoW Killer?

I’ve played MMOs a long time. Eleven years, to be precise. I started with Ultima Online in 1998, and I currently inhabit World of Warcraft, though I am honestly not sure for how much longer I will remain there. The only upcoming game to really pique my interest is Star Wars: The Old Republic, but [...]

Character Progression in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Since the E3 trailer, I’ve been thinking a lot about Star Wars: The Old Republic and what I hope the game turns out to be. Tobold's MMORPG Blog has another really good post regarding TOR hopes vs. realistic expectations, but I still think it’s too full of cynicism, even for this early in the game. [...]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Hype: Fanboy Fun

Tobold posted a very interesting blog about Star Wars: The Old Republic today. Tobold argues that Bioware has overhyped their game already, setting expectations so high that the final product will never be able to meet expectations, leading to disappointment from the dedicated fanbase. He says that fanboys (my term, not his) should wait until [...]