In Defense of Free-to-Play

The MMO subscription model does nothing to engender loyalty from a gamer any more than a shock collar actually teaches your dog to stop peeing on your flowers.

How much is SWTOR Worth?

Me: "I don't think I'm going to be sticking with The Old Republic." My wife: "Wait, you paid $150 for the stupid collector's edition and aren't sticking with it? Are you serious?" The discussion then proceeded into her asking me if the extra stuff was worth it, to which I answered a solid."Actually, no. It's [...]

The Beej Republic: A Week of SWTOR

Even after just a week of early access, I can safely say that if BioWare allowed for lifetime subscriptions, I would snag one as soon as my free month runs out.

On Gaming Priorities (and the SWTOR Beta)

Fun is not a never-ending points grind. It’s not a part-time job of raiding that leaves me with no real sense of accomplishment. It’s not convincing myself that I like the idea of a game, when I dislike the reality of it.

Skyrim? More like ZOMGrim, amirite?

So far, I’ve dropped nearly 15 hours into Skyrim. I’ve killed one dragon, found three power words, and completed maybe–maybe!–an hour of the main narrative.