On the Value of Short Stories

The value of short fiction isn’t something a reader can decide, nor is it something the authors and industry can, either. It’s a system of checks and balances that has been out of whack for a very long time.

Short Story: “The Writer”

He carried a blank book and a soft-tipped pen with him wherever he went. When he needed to write, he wrote. Each feeling, each idea, each moderately interesting thought would force him to stop what he was doing, pull out his tools, and write about it.

Book Review: Nascence by Tobias Buckell

If you’re a writer, I’d say that Nascence is every bit as important for you to read as Stephen King’s On Writing. Even though two books are vastly different in style and content, I have learned more about writing fiction from them than anything else I’ve read on the subject. Honestly.

Read My Short Stories on Amazon Kindle!

After a lot of thought, I took the plunge. I did it. I decided that I would publish $0.99 Amazon Kindle editions of the free short stories that I post here on the blog.

Short Story: “Just Another Day”

Telemarketers, thunderstorms, and solid milk. Nothing goes right for Joshua Winters, and it seems like his day just can’t get any worse. Before he goes home and to lock himself away from it all, he decides to visit his favorite bookstore, where the girl of his dream works. And Joshua’s day goes from bad to…? [Romance Short Story]