Fitocracy – The Best Gym App and Fitness Network

Fitocracy – The Best Gym App and Fitness Network

I grew up playing roleplaying games, not fitness games. I started with The Legend of Zelda--complete with the cool-as-heck, gold NES cartridge--and I’ve never looked back. Two dozen or so Chrono Trigger rentals, Final Fantasy VII on release day, World of Warcraft for seven years, and pretty much everything in between. I didn’t just love [...]

On Video Game Nostalgia

One of the things I hate more than anything in the world are hypermasculine, manly-man stereotypes. I can't stand them, and I do everything in my power to subvert them whenever possible. So when I got an email about a service called Man Crates, you can understand that my first reaction was...umm...what? Now, this is not a [...]

Your Fitness Quest, Part 2: Finding Your Motivation

Now that we've talked about the difference between Fitness and Weight Loss, you're ready to tackle the big issue: What motivates you? Why do you want to lose weight and get fit? For me, motivation was three-sided: I was fat my whole life, and honestly, I was tired of how that limited me in terms [...]

Religion in Guild Wars 2: The Sylvari

If you are an MMO player like me, you are probably excitedly awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2 at the end of August. If you are an armchair philosopher like me, then you are probably very intrigued by the concepts behind a couple of the races and their relationships with religion. The obvious being [...]

Mobile Gaming Review: “Dungeon Village”

Mobile gaming is a steadily-growing market. An estimated 50.4% of Americans (as of March) now own a smartphone. But I’ll be honest--when the whole discussion on mobile gaming started, I wondered whether or not it would ever really appeal to me and to gamers like me. Sure, Facebook had shown that social and casual games [...]