Green Eggs and Ham – 50th Anniversary Review

I remember when I was young.  My mom and dad subscribed me to a book club where I would receive a Dr. Seuss book in the mail every month.  They were those thin, matte hardcovers that everyone had, and I loved them.  I still have them packed away somewhere, I think. I loved them so [...]

“Origin” by JA Konrath: A Devil of a Technothriller

I’ve enjoyed JA Konrath’s writing for a while.  I read his blog whenever it updates, and I even downloaded his non-fiction ebook of collected essays on writing, The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing, for my Kindle and read a few entries a day. One particular entry grabbed my attention more than others.  In it, Konrath talked [...]

3 Short Reviews for 3 Short Stories

I love short stories.  They’re hard to write, but when done well, their effect can be far more powerful than a longer form.  It takes a lot of careful wording and plotting to be able to make a short story, and since the second half of my summer’s goal has been to write a few [...]

A Quick Jaunt in Star Wars Galaxies

Syp’s first The Game Archaeologist column about Star Wars Galaxies intrigued me.  I played the game from the time it was in Beta 3 all the way until World of Warcraft was released in November 2004.  I loved it.  I quit because of the combination of the New Game Enhancements (NGE) and WoW being so [...]

Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”: This Decade’s Existential Benchmark

The moment Inception starts, the viewer has to think about what he or she is watching, to experience the plot in a way few movies ask us to. That engagement does not stop during the film, nor does it necessarily cease when the credits roll. For the first time in years, Inception presents theater-goers with [...]