Quote of the Day – “Superfun Copyedits” Edition

Given that my wife and I are both thinking about getting into the freelance copyediting business as a side-job, I thought Lilith Saintcrow's response to copyedits were right on target. Copyeditors are those brave souls who descend upon one’s manuscript and pick through it with a fine-tooth comb. Punctuation. Grammar. Internal consistency. Formatting. Everything. As you [...]

Quote of the Day – “Why Starting a Book Sucks” Edition

Thanks to Elana Johnson for being able to succinctly put into words the reasons behind my revision nightmares. So basically you've got 50 pages to hook a reader, set up the world (and how the MC sees the world), introduce the theme, build a character people will care about, and advance the plot through a [...]

Quote of the Day – “Aspiring Penmonkey” Edition

A while back, I went through all my bios and took the word "aspiring" out of it. I'm not an "aspiring" writer or an "aspiring" novelist. I am a writer. I have written a novel (working on three more, as we speak! Eek!). I've even had a short story accepted for professional publication. I make [...]

Quote of the Day – “No Sex in Utah” Edition

Oh, Utah. You're so silly. When she approached the desk, he had no idea what she would ask. “Yeah, so,” she began, “I know this is Utah and so this is probably a stupid question since there can’t be any books about sex in Utah, even at a place like Barnes and Noble, but I [...]