SWTOR PvP Titles – Valor Titles, Ranks, and Medals

Outside of the fantastic story you get while leveling up in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the most interesting part of the game for me is PvP. Unfortunately, it’s hard to jump right in because the system can be a little overwhelming, but believe me--the SWTOR PvP titles are worth it. Even so, it’s awfully [...]

6 Tips for Winning World of Warcraft PvP Battlegrounds as Alliance

Since November 2004, I’ve been Alliance.  What that means in regard to PvP is that I have to be better than 90% of my team if I have any hope of winning.  Because of that, I realized that the following six tips really sum up what makes me better than the rest of my team.  [...]

Leveling through PvP Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft Patch 3.2

One of the main reasons I bought Warhammer Online last year was the prospect of PvP leveling. There were scenarios (read: battlegrounds) that one could queue up for from anywhere in the world to supplement PvE questing, and the best part was that each player killed or healed within the scenario as well as completing [...]