Nerdy Gift Guide for Fitness Geeks

Nerdy Gift Guide for Fitness Geeks

Buying for the the geeks is hard, so you need this handy-dandy nerdy gift guide. But you probably aren’t just surrounded by geeks, but fitness fanatics, too

SPOILER ALERT: Does a Statute of Limitations Exist on Spoilers?

I got to thinking about spoilers the other day.You know, someone telling you what happens at the end of a movie or book you really want to read or watch, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet.I got to thinking whether there is a limit to when a spoiler warning has to be [...]

Not Your Parents’ Literature: Traditional vs. Blended Genre Traditions

A few days ago, I was listening to Stephen King’s Misery on audiobook when something clicked in my head. A novel I had started a good two or three years ago and never touched again after writing around five thousand words came into my mind when Paul Sheldon was working on the second draft of [...]