Whose Story is It Anyway?

Every story is about someone, one particular character without whom the story could simply not be told. Every time we pick up a book or watch a movie, we are investing in this  single character.  It might be the main character; it usually is.  We follow them as spectators through their adventures, trials, and journeys, [...]

Review: James Cameron’s Avatar

Avatar’s hype did not impress me.  The initial trailers I saw were lackluster, and that’s me being nice.  The special effects looked hokey, and the plot, from what I had heard of it, was Dances with Wolves in space. I was not interested and had pretty much written Avatar off my list. But my wife [...]

Zombies Rule! Vampires Drool!

Vampires bother me.  And not just because some wackjob housewife decided to make it popular that they sparkle. They’ve always been so generic.  While they are the quintessential things that go bump in the night, they also have no real flair.  Even the most unique take on vampire lore can  only go so far. On [...]

Twilight: An Outsider’s Perspective

The final installment of Anti-Twilight Week is brought to you by my wife, Jennifer.  She may have never read the first word of Stephenie Meyer’s “saga”—lucky her—but she certainly has some valid opinions on why the series is not all it’s cracked up to be. Enjoy! When Beej asked me to write a post for [...]

Stephenie Meyer’s Writing is an Insult to Fanfic

Let me say this first: I don’t particularly like fan fiction. I appreciate that it can be a terrific way for up-and-coming authors to develop their storytelling chops without dealing with the in-depth processes of characterization or worldbuilding; however, the writing is often lazy and uninspired, relying on tropes, clichés, and an nascent use of [...]