[Guest Post] – 1980s Horror Films: Better Than You Remember?

It may be regarded as the decade that fashion forgot but the 1980s had a remarkable array of films. Even in the horror genre, this decade provided a futile ground for innovative and groundbreaking ideas. Now, you may be thinking that the 1980s was simply a collection of ‘slasher’ films. That Freddy Krueger and Jason [...]

Saturday Zen – “Poop Coach”

How do you follow being the director and screenwriter of the highest-grossing movie in history? You become a poop coach. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pyuFfKPCvY

High Concept vs. High Character

When you're reading a story, watching a movie, or picking a new TV series to obsess over, which do you care about more--that the premise is new and interesting or that the characters are believable and interesting? I recently had a discussion with my wife about this because while watching Doctor Who with my dad, I had [...]

Dragons Flights and Sacrifice: A Tribute to Hermione Granger

Like every other woman who went through school with frizzy hair and the label “the smart girl,” I identify strongly with Hermione Granger. I have no illusions about how clichéd this is. It’s about as original as every non-Republican professional woman with glasses believing herself to be the real-life Liz Lemon.