Saturday Zen: Roundabound

I enjoyed sharing a video I found last Saturday with you guys, so this week, I thought I would share two pieces of pop culturey goodness.  I’m typically not one to watch Internet videos or spend a lot of time on YouTube, but occasional snippets do come along that I just have to share. Whether [...]

Whose Story is It Anyway?

Every story is about someone, one particular character without whom the story could simply not be told. Every time we pick up a book or watch a movie, we are investing in this  single character.  It might be the main character; it usually is.  We follow them as spectators through their adventures, trials, and journeys, [...]

What’s Up With LOST Season Six?

So there I was, all ramped up after the season finale of LOST Season Five.  I hugged my wife as she screamed as the white screen gave us our inverted logo signifying the end of the season and the beginning of our wait.  Not a week later, I started rewatching the season with my dad, [...]

Intellectual Archetypes in Science Fiction Television

A staple of most science fiction is the smart guy (or girl!). That one person who, in terms of intellect, is leaps and bounds, head and shoulders above the rest of the ensemble.  He or she is always able to find the way out of any given situation, not by brute force or manual dexterity, [...]

To Be Continued…and Continued…and Continued…(or Not)

Two of best shows currently airing on TV are ABC’s LOST and HBO’s True Blood. While these two series are incredibly different in scope and subject, they are similar in one major way: they tell their stories through serialization rather than episodic content. If viewers were to watch LOST starting halfway through Season 3, they [...]