Dragons Flights and Sacrifice: A Tribute to Hermione Granger

Like every other woman who went through school with frizzy hair and the label “the smart girl,” I identify strongly with Hermione Granger. I have no illusions about how clichéd this is. It’s about as original as every non-Republican professional woman with glasses believing herself to be the real-life Liz Lemon.

I want to write a Star Wars novel

As I’ve been working my way through my summer reading list, I came to the realization that before I die, I want to write write a Star Wars novel. A real, licensed, fully authorized novel set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

4 Ways to Treat Writing Like The Job You Want It To Be

Here’s the thing: you’ll probably never make a living by writing. Even if you luck into selling a manuscript, it’s unlikely that it will even pay your mortgage. No more amateur hour, no more kid gloves, and no more training wheels. (And no more motivational platitudes, am I right?) If you don’t treat writing like the job you want it to be right now, it will never happen.

Book Review: Nascence by Tobias Buckell

If you’re a writer, I’d say that Nascence is every bit as important for you to read as Stephen King’s On Writing. Even though two books are vastly different in style and content, I have learned more about writing fiction from them than anything else I’ve read on the subject. Honestly.