Where are Ebooks in the Future of Publishing?

I want a Kindle for Christmas. If I don’t get a Kindle for Christmas, I plan on saving a few dollars here and there until I can afford one. There are to real reasons I want want a Kindle: 1.) I like reading new books and 2.) hardcover books are uncomfortable. I often buy my [...]

Bibliofreakblog’s Great Kindle Giveaway

Over at bibliofreakblog.com, the Great Kindle Giveaway is underway.  It's a really neat contest, and there are multiple ways to enter.  I already have a few points toward winning, and two of the best ways to get more points are to make a blog post about the Kindle Giveaway and make a YouTube video about [...]

Short Story: “Foggy Memories”

When a man’s car unexpectedly dies in the road, his attention is drawn to a young girl standing in a nearby field. [Horror Short Story]