What Apple’s Anti-Android Lawsuits Mean to Me

I love Apple. I do. I had a first generation iPhone until the iPhone 4 was released, and I used it for 2 solid years before getting my Samsung Galaxy Note. I own a Macbook Pro, and I have an iPad from work. On top of that, I fully intend to get a new 27-inch [...]

App Review: Tilt to Live for iPhone

Of all the apps on my iPhone, Tilt to Live may be the first one to outrank Facebook and Amazon Kindle as my favorite.  In fact, I cannot think of $1.99 that has ever been better spent. One of my wife’s friends gifted her this iPhone app.   We both tinkered with it for a while [...]

App Review: Kindle for iPhone

I love love love my Kindle. However, Syp from Bio Break got me intrigued.  He, too, loves ebooks.  And he, too, reads his books on the Kindle.  The difference between us, however, comes in that he is referring to his iPhone app while I have the ebook reader from Amazon.com itself. So I gave myself [...]

Apple Customer Service and Drowning Children

Apple has the best customer support ever. My iPhone got submerged yesterday, yet I still get a free replacement despite their policies.Here's why:So yesterday, Jennifer and I decide that we want to eat our Chinese takeout outside. So we go to a park that doesn't have picnic tables, so we go out onto what we [...]