Fitocracy – The Best Gym App and Fitness Network

Fitocracy – The Best Gym App and Fitness Network

I grew up playing roleplaying games, not fitness games. I started with The Legend of Zelda--complete with the cool-as-heck, gold NES cartridge--and I’ve never looked back. Two dozen or so Chrono Trigger rentals, Final Fantasy VII on release day, World of Warcraft for seven years, and pretty much everything in between. I didn’t just love [...]

[Guest Post] – Best Board Game Adaptations for iPad

Evan Fischer is a contributing writer for Download Free Games, where you can find games like Gold Miner Special Edition, Puzzle Games and countless others. Remember the good old days, when all it took to amuse you was a night of fun provided by the game closet? Popular board games were used not only for diversion, but to [...]

Kindle vs iPad: Which is the Better eReader?

If you’re a student, teacher, or a professional who’s constantly on the move? You might be better off with an iPad. But if you’re a reader who just wants to read, get a Kindle. You can’t go wrong. It’s so close to being a book, you’ll never miss turning pages. I promise.