Paranormal Activity

Today’s blog will be hosted by Robert Kuang.  If you’re into writing, TV, or movies, why are you not reading his blog? It’s this time of the year, which means Halloween fans are clamoring for the latest horror sensation. It’s not hard to pinpoint which film is receiving the throne this year. If you haven’t [...]

Short Story: “Foggy Memories”

When a man’s car unexpectedly dies in the road, his attention is drawn to a young girl standing in a nearby field. [Horror Short Story]

Saw VI – Sixth Time’s a Charm?

When I was a kid, horror movies thrived off spectacularly fake blood and gore, latex masks, and rubber costumes for the monsters.  These days, however, the more realistically rendered the violence/creature, the better the movie sells.  And I think that was in part due to the success of 2004’s Saw. Now on its sixth installment, [...]

Graystone Manor – Haunted Hype

This blog was co-authored with my fiancée, Jenn. Graystone Manor in Killen, AL Today was a long day.  Jenn presented a paper at an academic conference, then we ran wedding errands until finally, after around 12 hours of running, we were tired.  Given that it's now three weeks until our wedding, we thought we'd go to [...]

Does Fiction Ever Become Too Real?

There are relatively few things that legitimately creep me out, and even fewer that downright scare me. Some of my favorite things in the world, fiction-wise, come from the horror genre. Even stuff that should weird me out doesn’t. I generally have a pretty good mental filter that helps keep even the worst of the [...]