Help Me Plan My English 102 Class

These past few weeks have been crazy.  Things are finally settling back down, and I hope to be able to get back to a regular blogging schedule sometime soon.  One of the last details that needs to be finalized within a few days are the reading lists on my syllabi.  For the most part, they're [...]

Book Review: “Feed” by Mira Grant

If there are two things I love, they’re blogging and zombies.  And although I thought that my life would be nearly incomplete without the combination of these two relatively unrelated things, I am pleased to announce that because of reading Mira Grant’s Feed, I can die a happy man. Okay, well maybe that’s a bit [...]

Review: Stephen King’s Under the Dome

“Huh.” When I finished Under the Dome, that’s all I could say.  I just closed the novel and contemplated the ending.  I couldn’t say anything else but “huh.” And for me, that’s high praise. Ashamed as I am to say it, Under the Dome is the first novel I’ve finished since June.  I’ve listened to [...]

Zombies Rule! Vampires Drool!

Vampires bother me.  And not just because some wackjob housewife decided to make it popular that they sparkle. They’ve always been so generic.  While they are the quintessential things that go bump in the night, they also have no real flair.  Even the most unique take on vampire lore can  only go so far. On [...]

Stephen King’s Under the Dome: Expectations

Tomorrow, November 10th, Stephen King's newest novel Under the Dome is being released.  If you haven't realized it yet, I'm a huge fan of King's, and I hold his newer novels (anything since Cell) in very high regard.  Even with the somewhat lackluster Just After Sunset, I think King's most recent books rival his classics [...]