Dragons Flights and Sacrifice: A Tribute to Hermione Granger

Like every other woman who went through school with frizzy hair and the label “the smart girl,” I identify strongly with Hermione Granger. I have no illusions about how clichéd this is. It’s about as original as every non-Republican professional woman with glasses believing herself to be the real-life Liz Lemon.

On Reading Twilight and Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter moved me to rush home and re-read the whole series from the beginning.  I also figured that since Eclipse was releasing to theaters soon after my return, I would trudge through the final three installments of Twilight and have a wonderful time writing a series of blog posts analyzing [...]

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Our Awesome Soft Opening Adventure

My wife and I had planned our trip to Florida (our vacanymoon to steal a term from a friend) around the biennial Joss Whedon conference Slayage.  We thought we were getting incredibly lucky because Universal Orlando’s new theme park—The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, obviously—had been pushed back to a Spring 2010 opening.  When we [...]

Whose Story is It Anyway?

Every story is about someone, one particular character without whom the story could simply not be told. Every time we pick up a book or watch a movie, we are investing in this  single character.  It might be the main character; it usually is.  We follow them as spectators through their adventures, trials, and journeys, [...]