“What just happened?”: An Exploration of my Initial Reaction to “The End”

My wife, Jennifer, recently presented a paper on LOST regarding online fan communities and their impact on the series. She is also the one who initially convinced me to watch LOST.  So it wouldn’t be fitting if she didn’t have her say about what secrets were both withheld and revealed in the series finale. My [...]

Looking for Guest Posts

Since my wife and I will be traveling for the first part of June (attending Slayage and then making our way south to Disney World), I was hoping to find a few willing writers to mind the shop while I'm out of town. If you have an idea for a post (or posts!), send it [...]

Anti-Edward Cullen: A Treatise

This post is brought to you by VampyChronicles, two 20-something, self-professed anti-fans of Twilight. They’re currently reading through Stephenie Meyer’s series, snarkily blogging as they go about chapters, bad merchandise, the movies, and whatever else comes to mind as being ridiculous and/or irksome. Originally, we were going to write about the top five things we [...]

Don’t Touch That Book, or Why Twilight is Not for Girls

Today's post is by Bonnie Norman, who analyzes speculative fiction works from a lesbian, feminist, and anti-racist perspective in order to foster discussion about the issues that plague SF and society in general. She can be found at her review blog, A Working Title, which also has links to her other writing pieces. Twilight is [...]

A Girl’s Perspective on the Twilight Saga

ElitistGeek was good enough to be a part of Anti-Twilight Week.  It just goes to show you that not every girl who reads Stephenie Meyer’s series swoons.  Enjoy! It's funny how the first post of Anti-Twilight Week talks about how the series is viewed in the eyes of a male because I'm going to talk [...]