[TVverdict] Fighting the Good Fight: Fox’s Dollhouse

My newest post over at TVverdict is a topic obviously near and dear to my heart: keeping Dollhouse on the air.  This week, I tackle why the show is worth watching even though you might've heard otherwise. Below is an excerpt from the post: Unlike Whedon’s other shows, it is set in a world not [...]

Dollhouse – Leave Echo Alone!

Leave Echo Alone! Seriously, leave her alone.  Echo has been through a lot since the end of last season, and the Dollhouse management always seems to want to push her out into another engagement instead of giving her adequate time to rest and recoup.  Well, enough is enough. The girl needs some time off. After [...]

Do Your Part to Save Dollhouse

After fighting an uphill battle all of its first season, Dollhouse was given the go-ahead for numero dos, even though it was still given the Friday Night Death Slot. And now, because Fox has no idea how to market anything that isn’t a medical drama or animated fart joke, there are rumors that Dollhouse is [...]

Dollhouse – Evolution of Joss Whedon’s Tried and True?

Dollhouse came back this week for its second season, much to the pleasure of Whedonites, Browncoats, and sleeper Actives everywhere. For those of you out of the know, Dollhouse is Joss Whedon’s (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) newest television creation. After a dismally rated first season, Dollhouse was shockingly renewed. It turns out that [...]

The Fall 2009 TV Lineup – Beej’s Picks

Between jumping from part-time adjuncting to full-time teaching/administration and planning a wedding in approximately 3 months (under 6 weeks to go and counting!) there seems to be very little time to actually sit in front of my boobtube and bask in the awesomeness that the Fall ‘09 lineup promises. Fortunately, I have a DVR and [...]