Champions Online – Initial Impressions

Despite my trying lots of trials and demos of MMOs and other games this summer, nothing really hooked me. My attention span was too short, I was too stressed, I was working too hard, or something. But nothing seemed as "OMG AWESOME" as I was hoping for. Not only that, nothing even seemed "fun."On a [...]

Playing Champions Online? Friend me!

I finally got a chance to mess around in Champions Today (thank you, Labor Day holiday!), and I'm about to dive back in.If any of you want to friend me, add @professorbeej (the same as my Twitter) to your friends list. If you have an account, add me a comment, and I'll be sure to [...]

Online? Online!

I’ve been pretty wishy-washy lately on what games I want to play. I’ve been giving trials and demos a fair shot, and I’ve been enjoying myself for the most part. It’s nice to be able to have even a temporary reprieve from the stress that comes from being an involved groom. Aside from all that, [...]