“What just happened?”: An Exploration of my Initial Reaction to “The End”

My wife, Jennifer, recently presented a paper on LOST regarding online fan communities and their impact on the series. She is also the one who initially convinced me to watch LOST.  So it wouldn’t be fitting if she didn’t have her say about what secrets were both withheld and revealed in the series finale. My [...]

LOST Series Finale Review: “The End”

I like to think I’m a pretty smart guy.  I like to think that I have gained something from the years of being trained to look at literature from all angles.  I like to think this.  But after watching LOST’s finale episode, I feel like a grade-schooler trying to write a thesis on War and [...]

LOST: Final Thoughts

Tonight’s it.  LOST ends.  For good. Despite not being entirely wrapped up in the sixth season or understanding some creative choices that have been made this year, I expect the finale to be spectacular.  At least at first. I expect to watch it a few times after it airs and get stuck with what I [...]

Why Aren’t You Watching Fringe?

Fringe Season 2 is now over.  It concluded with the second-half of an excellent two-parter, and now we have to wait until fall to continue the story that makes me want to throw a hissy fit if I thought it would let me find out an tiny bit more about it. Seriously.  Of all the [...]