Watching Over You in the Overwatch Open Beta

I've been playing a ton of the Overwatch beta this week. I'd played a couple of the previous beta weekends, and even though I don't like first-person shooter games, this one has really grabbed my attention. That's probably because I can play a support character (i.e. healers!) and not feel like I'm dead weight. Blizzard has [...]

Hearthstoned Out of My Mind

Hearthstone is a Warcraft-themed CCG with everything I’ve been looking for: online, casual, fun, and–most importantly–cheap.

Saturday Zen – Diablo Got Hot!

This pretty much sums it up, especially since I only bought the Diablo III on impulse because I absolutely hated Diablo II. And if you're wondering about the Error 37 reference, be sure to watch this amazing video. It explains everything. (Be aware there's a lot of explicit language in the second one.)