Dear Twilight: No, Really, YOU Hang Up

Today’s Anti-Twilight Week post is brought to you by The Naked Readhead.  She writes about dating, relationships and other drivel on her aptly named website, The Naked Redhead.  In her spare time, she enjoys telling other people what to do, strutting around pompously, and knitting.  She lives in Columbus, OH with her boyfriend, two cats, [...]

A Girl’s Perspective on the Twilight Saga

ElitistGeek was good enough to be a part of Anti-Twilight Week.  It just goes to show you that not every girl who reads Stephenie Meyer’s series swoons.  Enjoy! It's funny how the first post of Anti-Twilight Week talks about how the series is viewed in the eyes of a male because I'm going to talk [...]

The Twilight Saga: A Boy’s Perspective

Let’s face it, Twilight was written for girls.  Stephenie Meyer’s target demographic is the adolescent female, and while there are a fair number of boys out there for whom I weep nightly based on their love of Twilight, their numbers pale in comparison to the tweenie-bopper girls. So I figure I’ll give you my take [...]

Anti-Twilight Week

The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters on November 20th.  In preparation for this momentous occasion, I am planning an Anti-Twilight Week for my blog.  And I want you all to join in! Do you have something to say about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s physically and emotionally abusive relationship?  Do you want to speak [...]