Hire Me

Whether you want a long-term contract or just a one-off freelance job, you want to hire me.

Outside of just being pretty awesome, I have a Master’s degree in English and have spent almost 10 years teaching college English (literature and composition at various levels) and working as the director of our campus writing center. I’m good at what I do. I know words better than anyone most people.

I’m based in Florence, AL and do pretty much everything you need. From website maintenance, WordPress development, web design, content creation, or good ol’ editing (copy, manuscript, or anything else!), I can pretty much guarantee that I am the freelancer you want to work with.

Content Writing and Copy Editing

Like I said, I’ve spent the last decade as a college English instructor. That means I can make words do almost anything I want them to. So whatever content you need for your site, I can write it. I’m up for ghostwriting, blogging, copywriting, grant writing, technical writing, and pretty much any kind of online content you need. I’ve been professionally published in magazines. You can read a couple of my clips below.

And if you’ve already got content? Great! I can snazz it up for you in no time flat. You don’t teach hundreds of students freshman composition for nearly a decade without learning how to be a pretty dang good editor.

Professional Writing Clips

BJ Keeton Professional Writing Clip - Like the WInd Magazine - Blurred Lines
BJ Keeton Professional Writing Clip - Azumio Fitness - Running
BJ Keeton Professional Writing Clip - Fitness - Running

WordPress Development and Web Design

I have over 8 years experience of working with WordPress, which means I can pretty much make it do whatever you need me to. Whether it’s ecommerce, blogging, or even an awesome site from scratch  to get the word out about all the good you, your company, or your non-profit does, I’m your guy.

I offer monthly maintenance contracts for your websites (basically keeping me on retainer for when something goes wrong). Each month, you’ll get this from me:

  • Updates to text, images, and other minor changes to website pages as indicated by you.
  • Upgrades to your content management system, including plugins and themes (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • Removal of malware, spam and malicious code from your website. I’ll keep you safe from hackers.
  • Backup of website content, including but not limited to text, images, and individual page files.
  • Recovery of your files or email from available backups when necessary.

Development Portfolio

BJ Keeton Wordpress Development Portfolio - Reader Riot Book Festival
BJ Keeton - Freelance Wordpress Development Portfolio - Geek Fitness
BJ Keeton - Freelance Wordpress Development Portfolio - Geek Fitness
BJ Keeton Wordpress Development Portfolio - Be The Show Events and Entertainment

Professional Novel Editing

If you’re looking for a professional editor for your book (whether it’s a novel or a piece of non-fiction), I can help. Unlike a lot of freelance editors, I can edit a wide range of manuscripts because of my background as an English teacher. While I write genre fiction myself (science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk), I am trained and experienced in the conventions of most other genres–romance, historical, mystery, and oodles of non-fiction like memoir and more research-based manuscripts.

I offer competitive rates for whatever editing service your book needs:

  • Manuscript Assessment: surface-level feedback on the overall manuscript. I can work with an outline, a completed manuscript, or even a partial manuscript that needs a little TLC.
  • Developmental Editing: editing where we address the strengths and weaknesses of the book as a whole, from story to chapter-by-chapter flow.
  • Substantive Editing: working on individual scenes and pages to make the entire manuscript a cohesive whole
  • Line editing and copyediting: Sentence level edits, which deal with mechanics, grammar, and word choice
  • Proofreading: fundamentally checking the manuscript’s existing copy/line edits, as well as manuscript formatting

Please contact me to discuss your professional editing needs and which level (or levels) would work best for your project.

I love what I do, and I think you will, too

Like Alexander Hamilton said to Aaron Burr, “What are you waiting for? What do you stall for? You came to my page. What was it all for?”

Okay, so maybe I changed the line a little bit. I think Lin would be okay with that, don’t you? And to paraphrase another line from the ten-dollar founding father, “how can you say no to this?”

The simple answer is that you can’t. So shoot me an email and let’s get to work!