On Stealing Time to Write

I'm a man that works well with a routine. If I have somewhere to be or something to do, I carve time out of my schedule to do it. I do it within that timeframe, too. Else the world ends. I used to think I didn't have to write that way. I thought writing was [...]

Quote of the Day – “Why Starting a Book Sucks” Edition

Thanks to Elana Johnson for being able to succinctly put into words the reasons behind my revision nightmares. So basically you've got 50 pages to hook a reader, set up the world (and how the MC sees the world), introduce the theme, build a character people will care about, and advance the plot through a [...]

When Your Writing Sucks

The past few days have been terrible writing days. Not in terms of wordcount, though. In terms of pure output, I've chugged out 8-10k since Saturday. But a lot of what I've written is just downright bad. I'm working on two novels, Lineage (the sequel to the upcoming Birthright) and the as-yet-unnamed steampunk serial novel. [...]

Quote of the Day – “Aspiring Penmonkey” Edition

A while back, I went through all my bios and took the word "aspiring" out of it. I'm not an "aspiring" writer or an "aspiring" novelist. I am a writer. I have written a novel (working on three more, as we speak! Eek!). I've even had a short story accepted for professional publication. I make [...]

Steampunk! Woo!

Just a little update, and a slight teaser, I guess. Pretty soon, I’m going to be trying something new with the blog here. My friend, Austin King, and I are writing a novel together. A steampunk novel. And the best news is that we are going to be releasing said steampunk novel (or, more accurately, [...]

How to Start a D&D Campaign?

Every so often, I get the hankering to play a tabletop RPG.  Back in college, we had some rousing games of Dungeons and Dragons.  I have a lot of fond memories of those nights where my buddies and I would sit around a table and kill the devil or something silly like that. (I won't [...]