Writing My Novel: Mission Statement

I read a recent post over at Magical Words regarding mission statements. The blogger brought up my biggest complaint about those peculiar little blurbs: Most of the time, they don't actually say anything. I've written my fair share of mission statements. I've proofed them and updated them, and almost every single time, I think to [...]

Writing My Novel: Idea ADD is Just as Bad as Writer’s Block

I recently said that I’ve never had writer’s block, which is true.  I have never stalled out while writing, having no clear idea where to go next.  I have, however, been pulled in so many different directions that simply settling on one project felt impossible. I call what happens to me Idea ADD.  My attention [...]

Writing My Novel: Fear of the Blank Page

I have never experienced writer’s block.  I’ve never just stalled out, not knowing what to write, not knowing what comes next.  I’ve never looked at the last words I’ve written and wondered where they would lead. But a lot of writers do.  A lot of writers fear not only the blank page, but the full [...]

Writing My Novel: On Reaching Goals

The fall semester starts in just under a month.  I have maybe two full weeks before faculty conferences begin for the new year, which means that my wonderful summer of writing time is drawing to a close. That’s okay because I have far surpassed the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the [...]