I want to write a Star Wars novel

As I’ve been working my way through my summer reading list, I came to the realization that before I die, I want to write write a Star Wars novel. A real, licensed, fully authorized novel set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Writing My Novel: Summer 2011 Goals

Last summer, I wrote a manuscript in around 35-40 days. My plans for this summer involved revising it and getting the first draft of a sequel written. However, I squandered May, and when June 1 rolled around, though, it was like the calendar jumped right off my wall and slapped me in the face. I realized that my time was limited, and that if I really intended to have a polished draft of the novel to beta readers by the end of summer, much less a drafted sequel, I had to really step it up.

4 Ways to Treat Writing Like The Job You Want It To Be

Here’s the thing: you’ll probably never make a living by writing. Even if you luck into selling a manuscript, it’s unlikely that it will even pay your mortgage. No more amateur hour, no more kid gloves, and no more training wheels. (And no more motivational platitudes, am I right?) If you don’t treat writing like the job you want it to be right now, it will never happen.

Writing My Novel: Revision is a Go

After finishing my novel’s first draft, I learned a few things about writing fiction, and two of the most important are the importance of chapter length and just what “show, don’t tell” means.

Read My Short Stories on Amazon Kindle!

After a lot of thought, I took the plunge. I did it. I decided that I would publish $0.99 Amazon Kindle editions of the free short stories that I post here on the blog.

Writing My Novel: How Spider-man Showed Me I’m Meant to Be a Writer

If you haven’t noticed by now, writing is kind of my thing. It’s what I do. And in more ways than one, I have Spider-man to thank for that. In a lot of ways, two of the most defining moments in my professional life only came about because of Spider-man. So thank you, Peter Parker, for giving my life direction.