When Your Writing Sucks

The past few days have been terrible writing days. Not in terms of wordcount, though. In terms of pure output, I've chugged out 8-10k since Saturday. But a lot of what I've written is just downright bad. I'm working on two novels, Lineage (the sequel to the upcoming Birthright) and the as-yet-unnamed steampunk serial novel. [...]

Writing My Novel: Kickstarter?

Next week is my spring break, which means that I have time to work on a few projects that are for the job I want, rather than the job I have. The most pressing of which is getting my proposal ready to submit to Kickstarter. I fully intend to self-publish my novel Birthright, and the [...]

Steampunk! Woo!

Just a little update, and a slight teaser, I guess. Pretty soon, I’m going to be trying something new with the blog here. My friend, Austin King, and I are writing a novel together. A steampunk novel. And the best news is that we are going to be releasing said steampunk novel (or, more accurately, [...]

How My First Short Story Was Accepted For Publication

Well, it finally happened. I opened an email today and saw the news that one of my short stories had been accepted for publication. And after only 15 rejections! (That's crazy talk!) I was absolutely ecstatic. Still am, actually. I've emailed the publication with my formatted manuscript and put the contract in the mail. Due [...]

High Concept vs. High Character

When you're reading a story, watching a movie, or picking a new TV series to obsess over, which do you care about more--that the premise is new and interesting or that the characters are believable and interesting? I recently had a discussion with my wife about this because while watching Doctor Who with my dad, I had [...]