“Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel” Cover Reveal

Austin King and I are hard at work on Nimbus, our steampunk serial novel. The current plan is to (hopefully) have the first volume released by the end of April. We will be releasing the complete Part 1 on Amazon for $2.99, while posting weekly chapters here at Professor Beej.

On Stealing Time to Write

I'm a man that works well with a routine. If I have somewhere to be or something to do, I carve time out of my schedule to do it. I do it within that timeframe, too. Else the world ends. I used to think I didn't have to write that way. I thought writing was [...]

Writing My Novel: The 30k Milestone and Beyond!

This past week was spring break, or as it's known in my home, No Pants Week. While pantsless, I did a great deal of writing on Lineage, the sequel to Birthright, and on my upcoming steampunk serial novel that we're tentatively titling Nimbus. Since February 13th, I have passed the 34,000 word mark on Lineage and [...]