Dollhouse Returns to Fox for Nine Final Episodes

If you haven’t noticed, I love Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.  It returns from its hiatus December 4th to finish its run.  I’ve written a post over at regarding elements I think viewers should be on the lookout for as the series ends.  Below is an excerpt: Friday, December 4th marks the return of internet fandom’s [...]

[TVverdict] Stargate Universe: A Question of Character

After taking a few weeks off because of getting married, I was finally able to get a good post written, edited, and posted over at A lot of people have complained that Stargate Universe started off slowly.  Even I complained that, as much as I enjoyed it, I couldn't care about the characters to [...]

Intellectual Archetypes in Science Fiction Television

A staple of most science fiction is the smart guy (or girl!). That one person who, in terms of intellect, is leaps and bounds, head and shoulders above the rest of the ensemble.  He or she is always able to find the way out of any given situation, not by brute force or manual dexterity, [...]

LGBT Visibility This Season

Today’s guest post will be hosted by Dickie from Rainbow MMO, one of the newer additions to my RSS feed that I always seem to make time for. This year is shaping up to be a banner year in LGBT visibility in TV programs. Of the ridiculous number of new programs that started up this [...]

Dollhouse’s Main Weakness

Even though this is a subject that could potentially get me crucified among Dollhouse fans and potentially subvert my part of the Save Dollhouse campaign, “Belonging” solidified a belief I’ve held for a while: Eliza Dushku is the weakest aspect of Dollhouse. I’m not going to say she is a bad actress. I am just [...]

[TVverdict] Fighting the Good Fight: Fox’s Dollhouse

My newest post over at TVverdict is a topic obviously near and dear to my heart: keeping Dollhouse on the air.  This week, I tackle why the show is worth watching even though you might've heard otherwise. Below is an excerpt from the post: Unlike Whedon’s other shows, it is set in a world not [...]