Don’t Touch That Book, or Why Twilight is Not for Girls

Today's post is by Bonnie Norman, who analyzes speculative fiction works from a lesbian, feminist, and anti-racist perspective in order to foster discussion about the issues that plague SF and society in general. She can be found at her review blog, A Working Title, which also has links to her other writing pieces. Twilight is [...]

A Girl’s Perspective on the Twilight Saga

ElitistGeek was good enough to be a part of Anti-Twilight Week.  It just goes to show you that not every girl who reads Stephenie Meyer’s series swoons.  Enjoy! It's funny how the first post of Anti-Twilight Week talks about how the series is viewed in the eyes of a male because I'm going to talk [...]

LGBT Visibility This Season

Today’s guest post will be hosted by Dickie from Rainbow MMO, one of the newer additions to my RSS feed that I always seem to make time for. This year is shaping up to be a banner year in LGBT visibility in TV programs. Of the ridiculous number of new programs that started up this [...]

Fallout vs. Fallen Earth

Today’s blog will be hosted by the ever-conversant Syp (of Bio Break infamy) while I take a little time off to enjoy my honeymoon. When Professor Beej, who holds a doctorate in both love and Firefly, asked me to do a guest article so he could go get freaky on his honeymoon (remember, guys: safe [...]

Paranormal Activity

Today’s blog will be hosted by Robert Kuang.  If you’re into writing, TV, or movies, why are you not reading his blog? It’s this time of the year, which means Halloween fans are clamoring for the latest horror sensation. It’s not hard to pinpoint which film is receiving the throne this year. If you haven’t [...]

Elsewhere Posts

For those fine folks who just can't get enough of the awesomeness that is Professor Beej, below are two articles that I posted elsewhere this week.  Enjoy! The always hospitible Matt Low gave me the chance to guest post at his blog World of Matticus again this week about my predeliction toward playing a healer/support character in MMOs.  (You can read my [...]