Picture of the Day – “My New 700c Baby” Edition

Picture of the Day – “My New 700c Baby” Edition

I never would have thought it of myself, but I love being active. I love to exercise. I've shed right at 100lbs in under two years. Two summers ago, I started reworking my lifestyle by cutting out sugars, processed foods, and simple carbohydrates. Last summer, I started running with the Ease into 5k app for [...]

Picture of the Day – “Best Family in the World” Edition

During our last Dungeons and Dragons game, Grandpa Eskimo ran off with my "nuggets" (giant petrified turds I rolled a natural 1 on when searching for treasure). When my father passed away, I got a package in the mail from Grandpa Eskimo. In it, my nuggets had turned into the coolest cufflinks in the galaxy. I [...]

Back in the Swing…

My dad died last Tuesday. That day was also the second day I had returned to writing after a nice, luxurious weekend away from my merry band of technomages. Since then, the urge to write, the ability to concentrate, has not been there. I haven't been able to really even watch TV--the only activity I've [...]

Quote of the Day – “No Sex in Utah” Edition

Oh, Utah. You're so silly. When she approached the desk, he had no idea what she would ask. “Yeah, so,” she began, “I know this is Utah and so this is probably a stupid question since there can’t be any books about sex in Utah, even at a place like Barnes and Noble, but I [...]