Firefly Online?

I was just poking through Massively when I ran across quite the doozy of a news snippet. Apparently, a group of indie developers, the Multiverse Foundation, are beginning work on what they hope will become a Firefly MMORPG.  I know what you're thinking--OH-EM-GEE!--because I am, too.  But we have to be careful not to get out [...]

The Beej Republic: A Week of SWTOR

Even after just a week of early access, I can safely say that if BioWare allowed for lifetime subscriptions, I would snag one as soon as my free month runs out.

The End of the World (of Warcraft)

And so, after seven years (I started on Malygos during release week of WoW in 2004), lots of friends, fun, and frustration, I logged out of Azeroth for the very last time.

On Gaming Priorities (and the SWTOR Beta)

Fun is not a never-ending points grind. It’s not a part-time job of raiding that leaves me with no real sense of accomplishment. It’s not convincing myself that I like the idea of a game, when I dislike the reality of it.

Skyrim? More like ZOMGrim, amirite?

So far, I’ve dropped nearly 15 hours into Skyrim. I’ve killed one dragon, found three power words, and completed maybe–maybe!–an hour of the main narrative.

WoWpocalypse 2011: On Devaluing Intellectual Property

Instead of capitalizing on the value of their title that fans are crazy for and that the company has been pouring resources into for goodness knows how long, they are giving it as a way as a promo, a prize, a cereal box trinket for a seven-year-old MMO. That devalues both games, making neither is worth the asking price.