Marvel Heroic Roleplaying PDF and Customization Tips

Our final installment of our introduction to Marvel Heroic Roleplaying focuses on customization! The system is very flexible and allows players to play the hero they want to play. This piece will focus mostly on character creation and show you some examples of custom heroes with some design notes on choices I made while making [...]

[Guest Post] They’ll Blow Us Away Next Year: My Reaction to E3 2012

Today's guest post is brought to us by John Schmidt, who arguably has one of the coolest Twitter handles on the interweb. He's talking to us today about the elephant in the room: what all of us were thinking about E3, but didn't really want to admit. I’ve been around video games for as long [...]

Why You Should Try Tabletop RPGs

The tabletop RPG has long been considered the pinnacle of geekiness, and though it has long been the whipping boy of much of the geek subculture, the abuse is mostly undeserved.