The Batman Tragedy: Death in the Family

Today is a sad day for nerds, comic fans, and movie goers everywhere. If you have not heard of the tragedy in Colorado at the Batman: Dark Knight Rises premiere, you can get a recap here. The scary thing for me, is like most readers on this site, I myself fit all three categories of [...]

Batstravaganza! – What does it mean to be the Dark Knight?

In my previous Batstravaganza article, I discussed how the “Dark Age of Comics” changed both Batman and the genre of superheroes forever. The change was one of themes, but also one of aesthetics. In this article, I’m going to look specifically at the Batman of the Christopher Nolan movie trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, [...]

Batstravaganza! – The Many Masks of Batman

Today's installment of Batstravaganza! is by Halit Bozdogan. His preferred Batman is Kevin Conroy’s animated version. Heath Ledger’s Joker takes the top spot for villain, whilst he prefers Grayson’s Nightwing over Drake’s Robin. There have been many superheroes created throughout the years, but none have had the same impact as the one who actually has no [...]

Batsravaganza! – The Batman Paradox, Part Two: No (Bat)Man’s Land

In our last "The Batman Paradox" post we delved into the philosophic waters of what is morally right when it comes to handling the Joker. Should Batman kill the Joker? That single action could save several, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people from potential harm, or even death. But we established last time that maybe Joker [...]

Batstravaganza! – A Primer on Batman and the Dark Age of Superheroes

Today’s Batman is a dark, somewhat-brooding character that is faced with morally ambiguous decisions and has his ethical structure continuously tested. It is easy to forget that it wasn’t always this way, especially if your experience with Batman (or even superheroes in general) doesn’t extend past the most recent films. See, Batman was one of [...]

Batstravaganza! – Batman Canon in the New 52

Kicking off our week-long Batstravaganza! is Trey Gwinn, a geek who lives in Nashville, the coolest town in the South, and is wrapping up his Masters in History from the University of Louisville.  He's one of the founders of Fully Integrated Geeks and it's flagship podcast, The FIGcast.  Head over to to check out the [...]