Howdy, folks! I’m B.J. Keeton. I’m an indie author, freelancer, fitness nerd, and gamer.

After losing 150lbs over the past few years, I started the website Geek Fitness to help geeks like me realize that it’s not impossible to get healthy and maintain a geektastic lifestyle.

Not only am I a wacky fitness geek, I’m also an indie author (you can check out my novels on any platform, but I’m partial to Amazon). Whenever I’m not wearing down the soles of my Asics, there’s a pretty good chance that I’m wearing the keys off my laptop. I write a little bit of everything, from science-fiction and fantasy, to horror, and even some steampunk thrown in.

Never one to keep my awesomeness (and humility!) to myself, I also work as a freelance novel editor and marketing consultant. Fill out my contact form, and we’ll discuss any projects you may have.