“Birthright” is Live on Amazon Kindle!

Birthright (The Technomage Archive, Book 1) Well, folks, after almost three years of writing, editing, revising, rewriting, and crowdfunding, Birthright is finally available for purchase (or to borrow for free if you’re a Prime member). Plus, if you were a Kickstarter backer, I already emailed you the link to download your ebook copies. (If you missed it, check your Kickstarter messages and/or send me a message, and I’ll resend it.)

It’s been a strange, nerve-wracking ride, so I’m happy to report the book is doing well. So well in fact, that it even hit #21 on the Amazon Steampunk bestseller list today.

Which is great!

(The only problem being that Birthright is in no way even remotely steampunk.) I have already contacted Amazon to get that fixed so readers don’t think they’re being misled.

I can’t help but find some irony in that situation, though–I billed Birthright as a cross-genre book all through the Kickstarter process, and within two days of its release, it crossed into a new genre all on its own. Atta boy, Ceril! Atta boy!

I’m working on the softcover and Kickstarter-exclusive hardcovers right now, too, and I hope to have them available for you backers soon. That process just takes a bit more finesse than the ebook process. I’d say I’m 75% finished with it, so it won’t be much longer for you guys to get your grubby little hands on a physical copy of the book, if that’s your poison of choice.

So if you haven’t already, hop on over to Amazon and snag your copy of some technomagey goodness, or at least put it on your shelf on Goodreads to remember for later. Tell your friends, and if you’re feeling gracious, toss up a review somewhere after you’ve read it.

And again, thank you. From the absolute most sincere place I can conjure–thank you. Without y’all and your support, getting this book out there never would have been possible. This book is as much yours as it is mine. So really, thank you for being so awesome.


  1. Longasc

    Dunno how detailed you get informed about sales at Amazon and if you can tell from their info at all, but you should have some sales in Germany by now.

    I also noticed that Birtright started out great and funnily also noticed that they must somehow must have decided to put it in the same category as your Nimbus novels.

    • I show right now 1 sale from Germany (at least through Amazon.de). If it was from .com, it will show up as NA sales, I think, since it divides by domain.

      And I don’t know why it showed up as steampunk. I didn’t list it there, but I think it’s kind of funny (though, like I said, it’s not a great idea since it isn’t steampunk at all). I just checked again, and it’s #18 on the Steampunk store. So odd.