Project Update! Books, Blogs, and Everything Else!

Howdy, folks! These past few months have been downright crazy, but I wanted to give you all a heads up of what’s been keeping me away from blogging here at Professor Beej as regularly as I want to. Things are finally starting to calm down a little, and I’m able to focus more on specific projects. I thought you might be interested in knowing where the awesomeness is headed.



Birthright - Final Cover

Last year, you all were awesome enough to crowdfund my first solo novel, Birthright. After a few setbacks in terms of finding an editor (and being more than a little naive when setting the delivery dates), I think we’re right on track. I’ve made my penultimate edits, and I just got back the manuscript from my final 2 polish editors, so I’m pretty confident the ebook will be ready in around 6 weeks, and the print version soon after that. For you Kickstarter backers, keep an eye out–a survey is coming to you soon.



Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel - Part 3 Cover

I can’t say I’m not shocked and amazed at the reception we’ve had for Nimbus. People seem to be enjoying our little serial novel experiment, and now that Part One is $0.99 on Amazon, it’s doing even better. Tell your friends.

Part Four is coming along well, and Austin and I hope to have this novel finished and edited within the next 4-5 weeks, too.  The holidays and a few personal issues on both our parts slowed down the release and made us lose some momentum, but we think the end of the book is going to blow your minds. If you haven’t caught up yet, you can snag the first three parts of Nimbus for your Kindle right now.


Geek Fitness

In case you didn’t hear, I started a new blog. Because of my phenomenal success at losing weight over the past couple of years–140 pounds!–I think I have a few things to say about the subject of fitness and health. And I mean, when my wife can tell her family that my three favorite things in the world are Star Wars, superheroes, and exercise, I think I need a fitness blog. Don’tcha think?

I’m also going out of my way to learn social media that isn’t Twitter, so I even set up Tumblr and Pinterest pages for Geek Fitness. Not to mention the Facebook page I’m still trying to learn. So if any of those are your chosen network, give me a tweet, a reblog, a repin, or a like.  I’d love for the site to blow up and do well, so share it with your friends, and hit me up if you have any ideas that could make it even better. It’s a month old, and I’m all ears.


MMO Gaming

And while it’s not really a project, my non-writing time has been taken up with a fair amount of MMO gaming, too.

I went back to WoW this past week, much to my wife’s chagrin, but I’m also toying around with The Secret WorldGuild Wars 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each game has a lot going for it, and I have to be careful not to spend too much non-productive time online, but it’s nice to have so many quality games out there–especially so many quality games that don’t require subscriptions.

That’s what’s going on in my little corner of the world. What about you? What’s new with you folks?